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Car interior

Automotive coatings and plastics

The automotive industry is constantly looking for exciting innovations for automotive coatings and plastics to help meet the demanding needs) of critical consumers with a growing environmental awareness.

At Croda we have developed innovative solutions for light-weight and stronger, longer lasting materials for the automotive industry that enhance the performance of adhesives, coatings, engineering and interior plastics used in all kinds of vehicles hence offering protection against severe external factors such as extreme weather conditions, heat and greases.

Our products offer effects such as:

  • enhanced durability
  • product lifetime extension
  • improved inter layer adhesion
  • better scratch resistance
  • production cycle time improvement
view of mechanical parts under the hood or bonnet of a car

Sustainable ingredients for automotive applications

3D Interior of autonomous driving car
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Solutions for sustainable adhesives, plastics and coatings

Automotive adhesives

Our range of high performance ingredients provides light-weight design opportunities and improved adhesion to a wide variety of substrates such as plastics, aluminium and composites used in automotive and transport applications. This allows manufacturers to replace welding or mechanical fastening with adhesives that offer benefits like:

  • Low temperature flexibility and high temperature resistance; due to low Tg and high flexibility in combination with intrinsic resistance against heat aging
  • Good barrier protection for electronic potting; the dimer fatty acid nature is hydrophobic by nature
  • Noise and vibration reduction for relaxed driving; external vibration can be absorbed by the products
  • Water resistance and durability for PU sealants; a result of the hydrophobic properties of the raw materials

Bio-based automotive coatings

Our sustainable and durable innovations protect your car and bring performance, processing and cost benefits for automotive exterior coatings such as:

  • Stone chipping resistance provided by the intrinsic flexibility/toughening of our dimer technology
  • Flip flop effect and colour intensity improvement, thanks to our dispersant and pigment wetting effect of dimer-based raw materials
  • Improved product processing time, like for example improved drying speed in water based systems
  • Reduced coating drying time, allowing for faster layer on layer application

When applying our ingredients in plastics, textile and leather coatings used in the interior of a car, they create a soft touch feel for door handles, seating covers and protect electronic parts.

Engineering and interior plastics

We offer a range of speciality effects suitable for use in automotive plastics, that deliver processing, converting and end-use benefits. For example, anti-scratch, anti-static, mould release, composite lubricants and UV protection additives, ensure fast and efficient polymer processing as well as high quality and usable finished parts. 

Our range of high stability additives are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of automotive interior and exterior parts, that are subjected to strong UV light and heat over long periods of time. 

Our durable ingredients for under the bonnet give long term performance for components such as constant-velocity joint boots and automotive tubes, allowing for the modification of engineering plastics and offer key benefits like:

  • Extended lifetime of vital mechanical parts, saving on maintenance costs
  • Increased endurance of friction, flexing, heat and greases
  • A soft touch effect to plastic elements used in car interiors
  • Added toughness at low temperatures and by stronger interaction with fibre reinforcement
Car dashboard

IncroMold K reducing scratch whiteness

A case study

A customer was compounding polypropylene impact copolymer for use in automotive interior trim and they needed a solution that would help to reduce scratch whiteness and visibility.
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