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Caps and closures

Plastic caps and closures are utilised in a range of applications including drink packaging, non-food packaging and cosmetic packaging. Our speciality polymer additives are used in many of these applications today, offering effects that improve processing, performance and user experience.

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Why are additives needed in plastic caps and closures?

Plastic caps and closures are mainly produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). These plastics are naturally high in friction which can cause many issues during the production of the part and during use. These issues can include,

  • Inefficient processing
  • Caps getting stuck in the mould
  • Caps being easily scratched
  • Poor colour dispersancy and surface finish
  • Difficulties in applying or removing caps and closures on bottles
  • Static build up

The use of additives in plastic caps and closures is therefore a practical requirement to allow for easier processing and handling. Performance restrictions and requirements in consumer sensitive applications, such as food and drinks, increases the demand for more advanced additives that will offer an improved quality to reduce impact on the final product.

What does Croda offer for plastic caps and closure applications?

We offer a range of bio-based and sustainably produced polymer additives, suitable for use in plastics caps and closure applications. Our solutions are suitable for HDPE and PP caps and offer effects such as:

  • mould release
  • torque release
  • scratch resistance and
  • anti-static properties

Incroslip the ultimate in high stability and performance

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Torque release

Our range of speciality torque release additives enable easier application and removal of caps and closures. They not only offer processors and end-use flexibility, performance and better quality plastics, they also provide exceptional stability with reduced odour and colour degradation versus standard slip additives. Our additives are 100% bio-based and sustainably produced to deliver both performance and sustainability benefits to the final part.

Key benefits:

  • High slip performance with improved stability
  • High temperature performance
  • Low taste
  • Low odour
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Scratch resistance

Scratches and scuffs may occur on caps and closures when they are packaged for transportation. Our range of anti-scratch additives can be used in caps and closure applications to reduce scratch visibility on the parts.

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Static charge can build up during polymer processing and handling to cause issues such as electrostatic discharge, shocks and dust build up. Our range of anti-static additives work in polyolefin caps and closure applications to reduce static build and avoid these issues.

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Mould release

Our range of mould release additives are 100% bio-based and perfect for use in the production of caps by injection or compression moulding processes. They allow the efficient and sustainable production of plastic caps by:

  • Allowing moulding at lower temperatures
  • Reducing cycle time
  • Enabling continuous production with no downtime
  • Easier mould release
  • Reducing the amount of rejects and waste
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