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Today, the coatings market knows many challenges, from industrial and protective coatings to decorative paints. If you want to formulate impact resistant epoxy coatings, or are looking for sustainable polyols for coatings or emulsifiers for resins, we can help! The coatings market is facing increased pressure from legislation to reduce VOCs in paint formulations and to meet more stringent can labelling. At the same time the market demands always improved long term performances, and consumers are driving the need for more sustainable coating solutions.

Our speciality ingredients meet the trend towards more environmentally friendly coatings systems based on water such as water-based epoxies, alkyds nd polyurethane dispersions. The range consists of bio-based building blocks, functional ingredients and surfactants offering differentiated and advanced benefits such as:

  • Excellent moisture protection
  • Right balance of flexibility and hardness
  • Enhanced film properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Improved environmental profile
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Tough & long-lasting solutions for industrial and protective coatings

There is an increasing pressure on environmental friendlier formulations in combination with higher performance requirements. Our technologies offer a combination of the two.

In industrial coating applications like concrete flooring and direct-to-metal constructions, protective and long-lasting properties such as excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties are required under sometimes tough conditions.

Our extensive range of 100% bio-based building blocks are available in a range of functionalities such as acid and alcohol, Pripol, and amine, Priamine, and offer the following performance properties to coating systems:

  • Moisture barrier protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • Good thermo-oxidative stability - stable colour development
  • Balancing flexibility and hardness in formulation
  • Improved environmental profile - renewable carbon content, processing benefits and/or durable product design

Our Priplast range of polyester polyols offers the coating formulator a solution to enhance performance properties, impart flexibility and to improve the coating’s environmental profile. The polyol can be built into the polyurethane by reacting with isocyanates. Priplast technology offers unique benefits to polyurethane coatings such as:

  • Durability - a unique combination of thermo-oxidative and hydrolysis resistance
  • Moisture repellency of the final coating, also achieved for PU dispersions
  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including low-polarity plastics
  • Good chemical resistance to withstand attack by moisture, alkali or acid

Maxemul 9107 is a versatile surfactant that is specifically developed to formulate high performing oil-in-water epoxy emulsions allowing for VOC reduction or elimination.

Our B-Tough C reactive epoxy functional toughening agents help you to formulate no stress and if also required VOC free epoxy coatings with enhanced flexibility while hardness is maintained. This so-called impact and crack resistance extends the end-product lifetime hence reduces maintenance costs and out of service time. 

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Epoxy emulsification with Maxemul 9107

Waterborne epoxy coatings are gaining market share in the industrial coatings market due to their benefits in use in applications and their environmentally friendly profile. Maxemul 9107 is a non-ionic polymeric surfactant that allows for the formulation of O/W epoxy emulsions with excellent tropical storage stability. Its versatility makes the product ideal for use in applications such as floor coatings, wall paints and direct-to-metal applications. Additionally, Maxemul 9107 has no negative effect on dry film properties.
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Many of our solutions enable the paint industry to reduce or even eliminate the presence of solvents in wall and trim paints making it a much safer product for painters. In transparent coatings used on wooden flooring or furniture our polyol offers protection against scratches and stains but still ensures a natural look. 
Our Maxemul speciality surfactant technologies allow alkyd and acrylic resin manufacturers to formulate waterborne binders for VOC free paints without compromising on performance.

  • Maxemul 7000 series polymeric surfactants for waterborne alkyd resins used as external emulsifiers and formulation of VOC free alkyd based coatings with excellent shelf life and superior dry film properties.
  • Maxemul 6000 reactive surfactants for use in emulsion polymerisation in latex paints offering improved water and scrub resistance, gloss retention and enhanced dry film properties.
  • LoVOCoat polymeric surfactants help you meet the growing demand for low VOC, high performance decorative paints. LoVOCoat allows for the use of water as a liquid filler for the formulation of low VOC solvent borne trim paints, varnishes and stains. The water reduces the VOC level and formulation costs without affecting drying properties compared to conventional and high VOC benchmarks.
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Multiple smart & durable solutions for decorative paints

Our sustainable and smart ingredients for decorative paints meet the trend towards more environmentally friendly water based paint systems which is driven both by legislation and critical consumers.

Priplast polyester polyol technology for polyurethane dispersions is a unique technology, offering many benefits:

  • Hydrolytic stability of the dispersion
  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent outdoor stability
  • Enhances the evaporation rate of the water
  • Reducing the drying cycle
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