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Extruded rubber profiles in various bright colours


The term elastomer is a portmanteau of “elastic polymer”. The term elastic refers to the capacity of an object to return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed.

The tires that allow your car to move smoothly down the road, the conveyor belt at the supermarket check-out, sealing rings and sterile gloves, are all examples of elastomeric materials around us.

electric cable wiring protected by colourful engineering plastics

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Sustainable and high-performance elastomers with Croda monomers and polyols

Combining the growing demand for sustainable solutions with the continuous need for higher performance, our bio-based building blocks range can be used to formulate the following elastomers:

  • Polyamides, polyesters and polyurethanes (PU)
  • Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and cast PU
  • Copolyester elastomers (COPE)
  • Copolyamide elastomers (COPA)

Some benefits our bio-based building blocks bring:

  • Increased flow and excellent flexibility, also at low temperature; allow for wider range of applications
  • Unique combination of resistance to hydrolysis, heat/oxidation and UV radiation; allow for long term outdoor use in severe conditions
  • High elongation while maintaining hardness; allow for fatigue resistance and continuous performance for long term use
  • Excellent moisture protection: protection of the structure due to the nature of the raw materials used
  • One of our innovations is Priplast XL that offers superior strength balanced with high flexibility and elongation
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Our bio-based building blocks

Croda bio-based ingredients outperform conventional polyols combining flexibility, fatigue resistance and moisture protection to enhance the performance of elastomers used in electronic cabling, sportswear and sealing.

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