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Smart Materials
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Electronic materials

We add value to various electronic materials used in cutting edge electronic devices, improving processing efficiency and product performance. In an era of universal electronic devices which are expected to be more efficient, more durable, bendable, and smaller than ever, these advantages are becoming more crucial.

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Flexible & optical substrates

In displays and flexible, hybrid electronics, polymer modification of the substrate material with our specialized bio-based building blocks enables:

  • Flexibility, even in low temperature environments
  • Low colour and high UV resistance for ultra-transparent materials
  • Self-healing TPUs and polyimides with full recovery at room temperature
  • Improved adhesion for over-moulding, printing, and lamination

Potting compounds & interconnects

Similar to in films and substrates, our bio-based building blocks such as low dielectric polyols and amines are used to deliver an improved carbon footprint, while increasing the durability and lifetime of electronic devices with:
  • Better impact strength, improved flow properties and lasting flexibility
  • Enhanced protection against moisture
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • Superior resistance to heat and oxidation

ESD tooling

Static discharge is a common and expensive cause of failure in printed circuit board and electronic device manufacture. These failures also lead to an outsized carbon footprint for the electronics industry. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe tooling therefore is instrumental. 

Our Ionphase Permanent Anti-Static additives are that can be added to plastics during compounds, extrusion or injection molding to help control static build up in plastics. This enables tooling and jigs for electronics manufacture which is:

  • Static dissipative without need for grounding
  • Permanent and not dependent on humidity
  • Colorable for safety coding
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Heat stable
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