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Smart Materials
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Engineering plastics

Engineering plastics play an integral part in today's world. Whether you drive a car, stay digitally connected with your smart devices or enjoy sports, the chances are that the materials used are largely based on engineered polymers.

Engineering plastics offer enhanced mechanical and thermal properties, such as high impact strength and fatigue resistance, that are of great importance in demanding environments. These high-performance materials meet the ever-growing demand for lightweight design in:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • 3D printing
  • Sustainable building

and allow for miniaturisation in consumer electronics.

We can help you accelerate your innovation, supporting your projects along the whole value chain:

  • with our raw materials for engineered polymers during the synthesis step
  • with our additives through the processing and converting steps
  • and with both to provide a specific effect in the end use
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Engineering plastics raw materials

We offer a unique portfolio of bio-based technologies to modify selected engineering plastics, bringing their performance to the next level. We continuously innovate to enhance the properties of future generations of:

  • Polyamides
  • Polyesters
  • Polycarbonates
  • Polyimides
  • PLA
  • Styrenics

The most relevant trend to gain traction in the market is the rising importance of bio-based engineering plastics due to increased regulatory challenges around sustainable productions and materials. By using solutions by Croda you can improve the sustainability profile of your products, while improving the performances.

Polymer modification with our specialised ingredients offers numerous solutions, including:

  • Better impact strength, improved flow properties and lasting flexibility; caused by flexibility of the products
  • Excellent low temperature performance; caused by low Tg
  • Enhanced protection against moisture, such as for electronic encapsulation; high transparency of the products combined with fatty acid nature of the raw materials causing hydrophobicity
  • Superior resistance to heat and oxidation; an inherent result of the way the raw materials are made
  • Low colour and high UV resistance for ultra-transparent materials; hydrogenated nature of the raw materials
  • Improved adhesion for over-moulding, fibre reinforcement and lamination; caused by good surface wetting of low surface energy products, but also wood, metal and glass
  • Bio-based functional ingredients to lower the carbon footprint of the finished goods
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Engineering plastics additives

Additives in engineering plastics are used to improve the processing or provide a specific effect in the end-use. We offer a range of speciality effects suitable for use in engineered polymers, that deliver processing, converting and end-use benefits like:

  • Long term high slip performance with improved stability and low odour – also after weathering
  • Reduce scratch visibility while maintaining high stability and low visible bloom over time and after exposure to heat and UV light
  • Removing dust attraction affecting both appearance and performance of plastic products
  • Protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge with permanent antistatic from our Ionphase range
  • Reduce the risk of electrical discharge causing shocks to employees and even fire and explosion
  • Consistent mold release and reduced cycle times
  • Improved surface finish of molded parts
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