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Our IncroMold range of mould release additives have been designed to improve your injection moulding process by reducing friction, allowing more efficient processing and improving the quality of the moulded parts.

Once added into the process, IncroMold rapidly migrates to the surface of the polymer as it cools. This reduces the adhesion between the part and the mould, making it easier to release it from the moulding tool.

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IncroMold enhancing your moulding process

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What are the benefits of using IncroMold mould release additives?

IncroMold additives can be added directly into the polymer melt or via a masterbatch at an addition level of around 0.5% to give numerous benefits during processing and in the finished parts.

Besides consistent mould release, key benefits include:

  • Reduced cycle times due to improved polymer flow leading to easier mould filling and allowing injection at lower temperatures and speeds. This reduces the cooling time in the mould
  • Reduction in the number of rejected parts (post-industrial waste) as well as less downtime due to improved mould release properties, leading to more efficient production
  • Increasing the lifetime of machinery by reducing wear and tear through improving polymer flow in the production process
  • Post-moulding benefits such as improved application and release torque, improved de-nesting and reduction in assembly force

How to choose the best IncroMold additive for your application

The grade of IncroMold you choose will be determined by the system processing temperature and the polarity of the polymer. We recommend:

  • IncroMold F for when fast acting mould release is required in polyolefins such as PE with a processing temperature of up to 230 °C
  • IncroMold S for excellent mould release in polyolefins such as PP with a processing temperature of up to 280 °C
  • IncroMold K for when reduced scratch visibility is required in polyolefins such as PP and polar polymers such as ionomers with a processing temperature above 280 °C
  • IncroMold T for moulding at high temperatures above 280 °C in polyamides

reduced scratch whiteness with IncroMold K

Improving scratch resistance with IncroMold

Anti-scratch additives are important for moulded parts to preserve their look and feel and increase their lifetime, particularly in the automotive industry. IncroMold K is not only a good mould release agent for polyolefin-based polymers, but it also provides excellent anti-scratch performance, enhancing scratch masking and reducing their visibility.

For more information about our range of anti-scratch additives and how we can support you in reducing the appearance of scratches in your plastic parts, visit our Anti-scratch Additives page.

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USDA certified biobased product logo

IncroMold - the sustainable choice

Sustainability goals are embedded into everything we do so we are proud that our IncroMold additives are made from 100% renewable carbon which has been certified under the USDA BioPreferred programme.
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IncroMold™ F

IncroMold™ F

An internal mould release additive used to improve cycle time and productivity in a polyolefins, suitable for use up to around 230° C

IncroMold™ S

IncroMold™ S

An internal moulding release additive used to improve cycle time and productivity in polyolefins, suitable for use up to temperatures of 270℃.

IncroMold™ T

IncroMold™ T

An internal moulding release additive used to improve cycle time and productivity in a variety of polymers, suitable for use at temperatures up to 300 ℃.

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