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Ionphase expert videos

Watch our explainer videos below in which Ionphase experts are discussing our range of inherently dissipative polymers (IDPs).

During this series, our experts discuss everything from what IDP's are and how Ionphase fit into the market; to their use in compound and injection moulding processes.


Anti-static additives - Smarter control of static for safe and dust free polymers

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What is IDP?

Join Jukka Hillberg, R&T Director, to learn how inherently dissipative polymers (IDPs) provide control and safety for static related issues.

Measurements & standards

Join Mikael Salokannas, Lead Application Scientist, to understand how different application areas and standards define the required level of static control.

Film applications

Join Jouni Hillberg, Sales Development Specialist, to learn about static control in film applications.

Compounding & Injection moulding

Join Tapio Hietaranta, Sales Development Specialist, to hear about applications requiring static control and which processing techniques you can use with our Ionphase permanent anti-static additives.

Processing & Drying

Join Topi Niskala, Application Scientist, where he will share some tips and tricks about how to formulate with our Ionphase permanent antistatic additives.

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