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Ionphase is a range of inherently dissipative polymers (IDPs), that are used to reduce the resistivity of polymers, providing control and safety for static related issues. Ionphase is available in different grades for different host polymers and applications, and can be added to plastics during compounding, extrusion or injection moulding. These non-migrating additives do not move or migrate through or out of the polymer. Our permanent anti-static additives work by using a co-continuous ion conductive polymer phase. Ions acting as charge carriers within the additive will dissipate the static field.
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Smarter control of static for safe and dust free polymers

Smart control of static for safe and dust-free polymers, Croda polymer Additives
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What applications are Ionphase additives used for? 

Ionphase IDPs can be used in applications such as:

  • Electronics packaging
  • Interior automotive parts
  • Chemical packaging
  • Household appliances
  • Equipment used in areas where protection is needed against the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) or explosions

Why choose Ionphase additives over other IDPs on the market?

Common permanent anti-static agents include carbon black, conductive fibres and nanomaterials. These materials can have negative effects when incorporated into the polymer such as:

  • Affecting the properties of the host polymer, for example colour or mechanical properties
  • Non-uniform distribution causing cold or hot spots on conductivity
  • Grounding is required for safe use
  • Material can contaminate packed goods

As well as not causing these negative effects on the host polymer, Ionphase permanent anti-static additives have added benefits including:

  • State of the art static control in a variety of plastics and applications
  • Excellent processability and surface quality
  • No stickiness of produced parts
  • No halogens, RoHS approved
  • Plastics colouring and transparent articles possible
  • Recyclable 

Smart control of static for safe and dust-free polymers, Croda polymer Additives

How do you choose the best permanent anti-static additive for your application?

In the static dissipative range of anti-static technology, where Ionphase additives find their use, the resistivity is related to the end application and safety requirements of the polymer. Certain applications require specific surface resistivity such as: 

  • 1E8 Ω to 1E9 Ω when EX safety is a priority 
  • 1E9 Ω to 1E11 Ω for ESD protection 
  • 1E10 Ω to 1E12 Ω for optimum dust control 

The level of resistivity that can be achieved using the Ionphase products can be controlled by varying the addition level.

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SpecialChem presents an anti-static educational webinar

Smart static control for your transparent applications

In this short webinar hosted by SpecialChem, you will discover what Ionphase inherently dissipative polymers are, how these permanent anti-static additives help control static build up in plastics and how to control static in your transparent PMMA molded articles.
Watch this SpecialChem webinar


Ionphase™ abSTAT

Ionphase™ abSTAT

A permanent anti-static additive for lowering resistivity of extruded or injection moulded ABS.

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