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Pripol is a range of dimer diacid and diols used in adhesives, coatings and engineering plastics, to impart flexibility, hydrophobicity and adhesion to difficult substrates. 

This Pripol range also includes many grades that are widely approved for food contact applications such as Pripol 1025F.

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Sustainable flexibility, hydrophobicity and adhesion

Pripol dimer acids have unique high-performance characteristics to enhance chemical properties in polymer resins such as polyesters, polyamides, and epoxies. The branched structure offers flexibility to the resin when included in the synthesis. The hydrocarbon character imparts water repellency: when incorporated into a resin, brings excellent hydrophobicity, and hydrolytic resistance. Its branched structure reduces the tendency to absorb moisture. Dimer modification of the different resins provides improved adhesion to various substrates, including low-polarity substrates such as PP. 

By modifying resins with Pripol dimers it brings:

  • 100% renewable carbon content
  • Flexibility (also at low temperatures)
  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including low-polarity plastics
  • Low melt viscosity, improved melt flow and substrate wetting
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced hydrophobicity
  • Reduces water absorption
  • Low moisture absorption

Dicarboxylic functionality

The dicarboxylic functionality of Pripol dimer diacid allows it to be built-in into polyesters, polyamides and epoxies. Those polymers are typically used in applications such as adhesive, coating and engineering plastics. 

The technology is also available in the diol form, which extend the possibility e.g. in polyesters to replace (in full or partially) existing standard diols from the market. The dimer acid-based polyesters, known with the name of Priplast, can then further used in PU and PUD formulations or COPA/COPE.  

Pripol C36 dimer

The Pripol C36 dimer product range is based on natural fatty acids, a green and renewable resource. Our broad technology platforms enable the responsible manufacture of high quality products from renewable resources. The technology is also available in the diol form.
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Pripol™ 1006

A distilled & hydrogenated dimer acid, providing good colour and colour stability in addition to water repellency, flexibility and thermo-oxidative stability

Pripol™ 1009

A very high purity and versatile hydrogenated, distilled dimer. It provides improved properties such as flexibility, hydrolysis and chemical resistance.

Pripol™ 1010

A low viscosity, distilled and hydrogenated dimer acid with a high di-functionality and therefore great thermo-oxidative stability. It provides excellent flexibility and water repellency in a variety of applications.

Pripol™ 1012

A distilled dimer acid building block with high difunctionality, bringing high toughness to epoxy, polyester and polyamide materials. Also provides good flexibility, excellent hydrolytically stability and chemical resistance.

Pripol™ 1013

A distilled dimer acid with high difunctionality, offering water repellency, flexibility and excellent hydrolysis and chemical resistance

Pripol™ 1017

A dimer acid that brings flexibility, adhesion, pigment wetting and compatibility.

Pripol™ 1022

A lower viscosity dimer acid which provides water repellency, flexibility, excellent hydrolysis and chemical resistance

Pripol™ 1025 F

A low colour hydrogenated dimer acid building block with improved thermo-oxidative stability and colour stability, bringing flexibility, hydrophobicity, and hydrolytic and chemical resistance to a range of polymers.

Pripol™ 1027

A low colour dimer acid building block that provides water repellency, flexibility and excellent hydrolysis / chemical resistance.

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