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Anti-fog additives

Our anti-fogging additives for plastics allow water to spread into a continuous and uniform transparent layer of water on the surface of films. This results in improved light transmission and transparency which has benefits in both agricultural and food packaging applications. 

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What is fogging on plastic films?

Fogging is a term used to describe the formation of small water droplets on the surface of transparent film. Fogging most commonly occurs when there is a temperature differential between the inside and outside of an enclosed atmosphere.

How can our anti-fog additives help?

Our anti-fogging additives reduce surface tension which results in a thin and continuous layer of water of the surface. Our sustainable additives are 100% bio-based and are suitable for use in a variety of different polymer types and applications, as well as being available in different physical forms. Our long history of surfactant manufacturing means we have well-placed expertise to help you formulate the best solution for your application.

Atmer Performance you can clearly see

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1.7 MB
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Anti-fog additives for food packaging

Food packaging benefits from anti-fogging additives by maintaining its clarity and transparency so the contents can be clearly seen by the consumer at the point of sale. By adding anti-fogging additives to food packaging films, condensed water droplets are spread into a thin transparent layer rather than droplets. In general, food packaging only requires short-term anti-fogging performance that lasts the lifetime of the packaged food. 
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Case study

Improved fogging performance in PP food packaging

We were approached by a polypropylene film manufacturer, supplying packaging for refrigerated salads in supermarkets. Using an alternative glycerol based anti-fog the supplier found that performance under cold fog conditions was especially poor, and that their customers were complaining about poor sales due to condensation on the packaging. Fog formation can mislead customers into believing that products have been on display for a long time or that the food is past is expiry date. 

We supplied the manufacturer with Atmer 7373, a specially formulated anti-fog for polypropylene. When added at 3.75%, Atmer 7373 dramatically reduced fogging on the packaging. Over 95% of packages showed complete clarity and no droplet build up, with water droplets spread evenly in a continuous and transparent layer across the film. 
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Watch this demonstration video

Anti-fog benefits by Atmer

Demonstration of fogging in film with and without Atmer anti-fog additives.
vector showing improved anti-fog performance by Croda additives

Case study

Anti-fog additives for agricultural applications

Different climates as well as multi-layer films are some considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding on which additive and addition level to use.

Using anti-fogging additives in agricultural films offer benefits such as:

  • Improved light transmission resulting in higher plant growth rates, higher crop yield per plant and earlier crop maturity
  • Reduced burning of plants and crop spoilage
  • Reduced constant water dripping
Case study Atmer anti-fog additives in agricultural film


Atmer™ 100

Atmer™ 100

A internal anti-fogging additive designed for use in PE and EVA food wrap applications, to increase transparency of the plastic film.

Atmer™ 103

Atmer™ 103

An anti-fogging agent for LDPE and PVC based agricultural films, proven to improve light transmission and therefore improve the growth rate of crops.

Atmer™ 185

Atmer™ 185

An additive that provides anti-fog properties to EVA agricultural films, allowing better growth rates, maintained light transmission, and reduced plant and crop spoilage.

Atmer™ 1440 NV

Atmer™ 1440 NV

An internal anti-fogging additive, suitable for use in LDPE and HDPE food wrap applications to improve the appearance of the packaging contents.

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