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Anti-scratch additives

Anti-scratch additives are proving ever-more popular due to the increasing need for more durable and re-usable plastics. Anti-scratch additives reduce the visibility of scratches and scuffs on the surface, resulting in an improved look and an increased lifetime of the part.

In particular, car manufacturers are looking to increase the lifetime of the plastic parts and using scratch and scuff resistant materials is one way to achieve this. Anti-scratch additives can also be utilised in household appliances, cosmetic packaging and high-end electronic devices. 

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Why choose anti-scratch additives by Croda?

Our range of anti-scratch additives is proven to reduce scratch visibility and whitening while maintaining high stability and low visible bloom over time and after exposure to heat and UV light.

They migrate to the surface by controlled migration through the polymer and work by reducing friction at the surface.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced scratch width
  • Reduced scratch whitening
  • Improved scratch smoothness
  • Low visible bloom
  • Increased oxidative stability
  • Low odour
  • Improved mould release

Recommended products and addition levels will vary depending on exact polymer, formulation and application. Our technical experts are happy to work on customer projects to find the best solution for you.  


Anti-scratch additives by Croda

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Anti-scratch performance in clear polymers

There are many polymers and applications where maintaining clarity is just as important as anti-scratch performance. Examples of these polymers include:

  • PET
  • PLA
  • Polycarbonate and
  • PMMA. 

Our range of anti-scratch additives offer solutions for these polymers that do not impact clarity and haze of the final part.

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reduced scratch whiteness with IncroMold K

Reduced scratch whitening

Our range of anti-scratch additives reduce the visibility of scratches and scuffs by reducing the whiteness of the scratch. This is particularly important on coloured or black plastic parts such as automotive trim, high-end cosmetic packaging and household appliances. 

In particular, IncroMold K is excellent at reducing the scratch whiteness when added at levels around 0.5 - 1%. We are able to measure the whiteness of a scratch using the CIE L*a*b* colour scale and comparing the lightness of the scratch to the background.

Learn more about IncroMold K


IncroMold™ K

IncroMold™ K

An internal moulding release additive used to improve cycle time, productivity and surface finish in a variety of polymers, and is suitable for use at high temperatures .

Incroslip™ SL

Incroslip™ SL

A bio-based additive with exceptional slip and stability properties, that delivers long lasting high slip along with superior colour, oxidative stability and improved organoleptic properties.

Incroslip™ G

Incroslip™ G

A bio-based slip additive that balances excellent slip performance with exceptional colour and oxidative stability

IncroMax™ 100

IncroMax™ 100

A unique additive for PET that helps reduce friction on the surface, improving production efficiencies and product quality. Also effective in PBT, PC and PLA.

IncroMax™ 300

IncroMax™ 300

A friction additive specifically designed for use in PC. Allows for easier processing in sheet and glazing applications, as well as improving mold release properties

IncroMax™ PS (Bead)

IncroMax™ PS (Bead)

A friction additive specifically designed for use in HIPS and GPPS. Allows for easier processing and improved mold release properties.

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