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Mould release additives

Our mould release additives offer a sustainable and effective solution in a range of polymer types and applications. Our bio-based additives help to release parts from the mould more easily resulting in higher quality parts, a more efficient process and less waste.

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IncroMold enhancing your moulding process

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Why are mould release additives needed?

Plastics naturally exhibit high friction, which can cause a number of issues during moulding such as high processing temperatures, machine wear, scratching and poor surface finish. Mould release additives are designed to improve your injection moulding process by reducing friction, allowing more efficient processing and improving part quality time after time.

Why choose mould release additives by Croda?

Our range of mould release additives can be added directly into the polymer melt or via a masterbatch at around 0.5% to give a number of benefits in processing and finished parts.

Key benefits

  • Consistent mould release
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Continuous running
  • Scratch and scuff resistance
  • Improved flow and dispersion of filled polymers
  • Improved surface finish
  • Fewer rejects and waste
  • Reduced machine wear and cleaning
  • Improved pigment dispersion.
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Case study: Increased output and cost reduction in PP moulding

A manufacturer of polypropylene parts for electric showers approached Croda wanting to increase production output and save costs. They were producing 71 shots per hour but had to use silicone spray as a mold release agent.  

The silicone spray was applied inconsistently and was difficult to remove from the surface of the finished parts, resulting in a sticky residue on the part. 

We  recommended using IncroMold S at 0.5% to eliminate the use of silicone and allow continuous production. The customer found that they were able to produce 82 shots per hour (an increase of 15%), as well as reduce cycle times from 55 to 44 seconds (an improvement of 20%).  

By using IncroMold S, the customer observed that the improvement in mold release also resulted in more consistent quality parts, fewer rejects and a reduction in pin marks.  

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IncroMold™ S

IncroMold™ S

An internal moulding release additive used to improve cycle time and productivity in polyolefins, suitable for use up to temperatures of 270℃.

IncroMold™ F

IncroMold™ F

An internal mould release additive used to improve cycle time and productivity in a polyolefins, suitable for use up to around 230° C

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