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Slip additives

Slip additives are products which can be added to polymers to control friction. They are added directly into the polymer during the extrusion process and migrate to the surface as the polymer cools, allowing a solid lubricating layer to form.

Slip additives can be used in polymer film structures and plastic packaging to improve polymer processing and in-use properties and are a practical requirement for both the manufacturer and end-product consumer.

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What is slip?

Slip or surface friction, expressed as Coefficient of Friction or CoF, measures the interaction between two polymer surfaces, or, between the polymer surface and processing equipment. There are several factors affecting the development of friction including:

  • Polymer type
  • Process temperature and type
  • Film gauge and structure
  • Other present additives

High friction can result in difficulties with the processing of thin film, winding of film rolls, bag production and packaging operations.   

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Why use our slip additives?

Our slip additives offer a sustainable solution to the problem of friction in polymers. Our 100% bio-based slip additives require very low addition levels, typically 1000 ppm, to reduce friction and allow ease of polymer handling and processing. With over 50 years’ experience in production, applications, and research into additives for plastics, our slip additives are of the highest quality on the market. 

We offer a wide range of slip solutions, including:
  • Optimised slip performance – including high, fast or controlled slip
  • High temperature performance
  • Improved oxidative stability
  • Low taste, low odour
  • Low visible bloom
  • Wide range of physical forms

We have technical experts in all global regions to help you chose the best solution and addition level for your polymer system.

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High stability slip

A demonstration of the stability of Incroslip SL vs a standard slip additive after exposure to UV light.
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The ultimate in high stability slip additives

At Croda, we offer slip additives that have been specifically designed for challenging applications. In such applications, standard high slip additives can be prone to oxidative break down under certain conditions such as when exposed to UV light or prolonged heat. It is the products created from this breakdown that can cause unwanted issues with odour, taste and colour in the final product.

Our Incroslip product range has been scientifically designed to withstand tough conditions such as high temperature and sunny climates. This can be a real benefit in films which are stored outside or in hot and sunny regions. In particular, Incroslip SL is a high slip additive showing similar slip performance to erucamide. The unique molecular structure of Incroslip SL means that it is extremely stable under the most challenging conditions, resulting in no issues with odour, taste and colour in the final part and most importantly no loss of slip performance in the film. 

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Incroslip the ultimate in high stability and performance

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Crodamide - Easier processing & handling of polymers

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Our slip additives are suitable for use in a range of different bio-based polymers.

Crodamide ER (Bead)

Crodamide ER (Bead)

A bio-based primary amide additive in bead form, providing effective slip performance in polyolefin films, and anti-blocking properties to Polyamide and EVA hotmelt adhesives.

IncroMax™ 100

IncroMax™ 100

A unique additive for PET that helps reduce friction on the surface, improving production efficiencies and product quality. Also effective in PBT, PC and PLA.

Incroslip™ SL

Incroslip™ SL

A bio-based additive with exceptional slip and stability properties, that delivers long lasting high slip along with superior colour, oxidative stability and improved organoleptic properties.

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