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Torque release additives

Our torque release additives reduce friction in plastic caps and closures to allow easier application and removal of the part. These bio-based, high stability additives ensure more sustainable and efficient processing in a range of packaging applications. Our additives are recommended for use at very low addition levels and are recommended to be dosed via a masterbatch or compound.

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Incroslip the ultimate in high stability and performance

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What is torque release?

Torque is the force required to turn an object around an axis and in the case of plastic caps and closures, torque refers to the ease at which a cap is screwed on and off the neck of packaging. Application torque is the force required to apply the cap and release torque refers to the force required to remove the cap. When torque is high, the application and release of the cap can become difficult and can result in a poor seal or breakage of the closure.

How can torque release additives help?

Torque release additives are used to reduce the surface friction of the plastic cap or closure, allowing easier application and removal of the part. Torque release additives are particularly needed in applications where bottle caps and closures are required to be tightly applied while still allowing for easy removal in end-use. For example, in beverages containing pressurised carbonated drinks and syrup like liquids.

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Case Study: Reduce taste and taint issues in caps

A manufacturer of bottled water approached us to help recommend a product to reduce poor organoleptic properties in their HDPE caps. Their current solution was a standard fatty acid amide torque release agent, but this was not giving them the stability performance they required.  

The manufacturer was using an ozone sterilisation process on the caps, so we suggested using Incroslip Q, a tailored solution that offers excellent torque release and oxidative stability. Incroslip Q can minimise taint and taste issues while providing the level of torque release force required to easily remove caps.  

Incroslip Q helped the manufacturer to balance good organoleptic properties through the ozone sterilisation process and good cap closure properties to ensure a well-received consumer product. 
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Why choose Croda’s torque release additives?

Our torque release additives not only offer processors and end-use flexibility, performance and better quality plastics, they also provide exceptional stability with reduced odour and colour degradation versus standard slip additives. Our additives are 100% bio-based and sustainably produced to deliver both performance and sustainability benefits to the final part.

Key benefits

  • High slip performance with improved stability
  • High temperature performance
  • Low taste, low odour


Incroslip™ C (Bead)

Incroslip™ C (Bead)

A slip additive in bead form with exceptional stability and low odour properties. Designed for use in high organoleptic stability applications where torque release is needed.

Incroslip™ Q

Incroslip™ Q

A torque release agent for a range of beverage closures, with good oxidative stability. Incroslip is a specially developed, food approved slip additive range with exceptional stability and low odour.

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