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Wetting agents

Waterborne adhesives, coatings, and graphical and functional inks are environmentally favourable, but the high surface tension of water introduces challenges which the formulator can solve with wetting agents. Proper wetting ensures even aesthetic appearance, uniform thickness, and contributes to adhesion and longevity.

Our Multiwet range provide excellent wetting of aggregated particles and improve levelling on substrates. All are non-fluorinated surfactants for aqueous systems with excellent environmental performance. Being low foaming, the use of silicones may also be avoided. Being also biodegradable and APEO free, this range is contributing to a sustainable formulation.

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Our foaming solution

Surfactants commonly used for surface wetting will cause foam and require addition of a defoamer to the formulation. Besides adding complexity and cost, silicone or oil-based defoamers often lead to quality defects such as pinholes or so-called fisheyes. Choosing a wetting agent such as a Multiwet, which does not cause significant foaming, is a solution to this problem.

In addition to improving flow and leveling of waterborne surface treatments, Multiwets can be used to reduce time and energy to disperse aggregates of solid pigment, filler, and functional particles.

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Simplify your aqueous formulations

Multiwet surfactants are successful in wetting multiple kinds of substrates. This includes plastics commonly used in packaging applications which are also a challenge to bond, coat, or overprint in more durable and critical applications such as automotive and electronics. Similarly large, complex surfaces which are too difficult or time consuming to properly clean and prepare prior to application may be wetted out efficiently with the use of Multiwet.

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A versatile range of multifunctional wetting agents

Whatever your formulating challenge, there is a Multiwet well suited for the task.

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