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ECO range 100% bio-based surfactants

The ECO Range is the widest portfolio of truly sustainable nonionic surfactants on the market. At the birthplace of many industry leading surfactant brands, our Atlas Point facility in North America, Croda has invested in scaling an alternative route to a key precursor, ethylene oxide (EO), which traditionally limits the renewable content of nonionic surfactants, even when the hydrophobic portion of the surfactant comes from renewable feedstocks.

Starting from bioethanol, Croda offers a path to significantly reduce reliance on finite petrochemical resources. The ingredients are also manufactured with renewable energy for a low carbon footprint: 46% lower than current petrochemical supply options. These 100% bio-based emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersants, and multifunctional carrier fluids for liquid concentrates makes no sacrifices with respect to performance compared to petrochemical options.

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Sustainable 100% bio-based surfactants

Bio-based Webinar Image
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Features and benefits of the Croda ECO range

The ECO range caters to the tremendous consumer and legislative need for greener products. Now, with our ECO 100% bio-based surfactants, formulators and emulsion/dispersion producers no longer need to choose between meeting their sustainability goals and delivering high-performance products to their customers.

Benefits of our ECO surfactants are:

  • 100% bio-based1
  • Non-APEO
  • Performance matching petrochemical surfactants and exceeding other bio-based options
  • Lower carbon footprint than petro-based versions
  • Tested and Registered to the USDA BioPreferred® Program2

(1) Calculated using USDA BioPreferred Method for determining bio-based content and validated, or being validated, by carbon 14 testing (ASTM D6886)

(2) USDA BioPreferred is a registered trademark of the U.S Department of Agriculture

Revitalising tried & true ingredients

Croda has long been a leader in innovative surfactant design, leveraging bio-based materials wherever possible to introduce high performing dispersants, emulsifiers, and compatibilisers. Our novel surfactants include Zephrym and polymeric pigment dispersing agents and Maxemul reactive emulsifiers for emulsion polymerisation. The ECO Range of 100% bio-based surfactants continues that legacy of innovation, offering each of these technologies with a renewed and improved sustainability profile.

Bio-based Webinar Image

An educational webinar

100% Bio-based ECO range surfactants for adhesives, coatings and inks

Sustainability is in our DNA. It is integral to everything we do. From the raw materials we source and the way we use them, to the ingredients we create, we believe in being a responsible company. Join us for this one hour webinar discussing our new ECO Range, which adds over 50 ethoxylated surfactants to our portfolio of 100% bio-based emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersants, and multifunctional fluids by using bio-based ethylene oxide (EO) which we manufacture from biomass ethanol.
Watch our educational webinar
Do you want to know more about how the ECO range can make an impact in your application?