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International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, ISCC PLUS

Ensuring that our raw materials are responsibly sourced is a priority for us. Therefore, we are pleased to share the news that we are now using ISCC PLUS certified vegetable oil raw materials for ISCC PLUS certified products, which are differentiated grades of our:

  • Pripol dimer acids and diols
  • Priplast polyester polyols and
  • Priamine dimer diamines
produced at our manufacturing site in The Netherlands.

ISCC PLUS certification is a way for us to provide traceability and transparency throughout our vegetable oil supply chain and show our customers that good agricultural practices are used, human rights are respected and that our raw materials are not causing deforestation or harming biodiverse areas.
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ISCC certification explained

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ISCC International Sustainability and Carbon Certification logo

What does ISCC PLUS certification mean for our customers?

It means that you can also mention in your communications that ISCC PLUS certified raw materials are used to make your products, supporting the sourcing of sustainable vegetable oil, with defined ISCC certified bio-based content. To use the ISCC logo and claims you need to be certified as well. 

The bio-based feedstock is integrated at the product level which means that the products are always truly bio-based. The bio-based content is also reported on the Certificate of Analysis. This will facilitate the claims about the replacement of virgin fossil resources by renewable feedstocks.

More info on ISCC PLUS certification
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