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How can polymer additives support your sustainability goals?

We understand that sustainability can mean different things to different businesses, but we all share a common goal in doing our part to minimise the impact we have on the environment. We are constantly working on improving our sustainability profile and committed to supporting you in improving yours.

Our polymer additives offer sustainability benefits throughout the life cycle of our products and yours!

Croda polymer additives across life cycle

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1. Raw materials

Raw Materials

Increase your bio-based content & reduce your scope 3 carbon emissions

We offer carbon negative slip additives, which means that more carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere than we emit during their production. These results are possible due to our bio-based raw materials, use of green electricity and the energy efficient processes used to make our additives.

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2. Polymer processing

Polymer processing

Make your production process more sustainable

Our additives can help to reduce energy use, lower processing temperatures and reduce waste. One example is IncroMax 100 that can be used in injection moulding of PET to increase energy efficiency of the process by reducing the injection pressure and the ejection force needed. It also increases the output rate by enabling a smoother production process which reduces energy use.
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3. In-use benefits for thinner films

In-use benefits for thinner films

Create more sustainable products

Crodamide ER enables down-gauging in LLDPE film production by improving the processing and handling of the film. This means that less polymer can be used to make a film that meets the same performance requirements. This can also lead to reduced transport emissions and also help you reduce scope 3 emissions of your product.
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4. In-use benefits with anti-scratch additives

In-use benefits with anti-scratch

Create more sustainable products

Anti-scratch additives can help keep polymer surfaces looking high quality and scratch-free for longer. Incroslip SL also has excellent stability, making it more resistant to UV light and heat exposure and resulting in low visible bloom. This enables polymers to be used for more durable, reusable and sustainable applications.
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5. Circularity


Increase the quality of recyclate

We want to make sure that our bio-based additives are a suitable choice for recycled plastics. That’s why our Incroslip C slip additive was externally tested in HDPE during mechanical recycling. It was found to double the MFR after three cycles and also brings benefits to the recyclate by improving the aesthetics and maintaining good mechanical properties.
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