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Rheoptima™ X84

Rheoptima X84 is a partially vegetable derived polymer designed for producing thermo-reversible clear gels of high polarity organic liquids. The product is 100% active and is supplied in pastilles. It gels liquid by forming a three-dimensional structure via hydrogen bonding between the amide groups.
Rheoptima™ X84
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Product details

Chemical name

  • Rheology modifier


  • Rheoptima

Features and benefits

  • Based on a naturally derived, dimerised fatty acid
  • Creates clear, low colour, thermo-reversible gels
  • Compatible with high polarity liquids
  • Can be used as a steric stabiliser for dispersions of particulates, due to their acid and amine functionality


  • Electronics - Display electronics - Technologies
  • 3D printing
  • Advanced ceramics
  • Inks

Product chemistry

  • Other - Proprietary

Functions & effects

  • Rheology modification

Your system

  • Polymeric - Acrylic / vinylic / UV
  • Dispersion - Solvent system - Polar

Renewable carbon content

  • 59%

Physical form

  • Waxy solid

Regulatory clearances

  • IECSC (China)
  • REACH (European Union)
  • ENCS (Japan)
  • KECI (Korea)
  • TSCA (USA)

Food contact approval

  • This product has no Food Contact Approvals. Contact us
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