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Pripol™ 1022 VEG
Pripol 1022 is a dimer acid building block with lower viscosity than our other standard grade dimer acids. Suitable for use in a wide range of polymer systems, Pripol 1022 provides water repellency, flexibility, and excellent hydrolysis and chemical resistance.
Pripol 1022 VEG

Product details

Chemical name

  • Dimer acid


  • Pripol

Features and benefits

  • Good flexibility, preventing cracking and can be used with flexible substrates
  • Allows exposure to high humid environments
  • Excellent sealant and protective properties
  • Good pigment wetting allowing a high loading of pigment/fillers


  • Inks

Product chemistry

  • Building blocks - Diacid and Triacid

Functions & effects

  • Flexibility
  • Hydrophobicity

Your system

  • Polymeric - Polyamide
  • Polymeric - Polyesters

Renewable carbon content

  • 100%

Physical form

  • Liquid

Regulatory clearances

  • IECSC (China)
  • REACH (European Union)
  • ENCS (Japan)
  • KECI (Korea)
  • TSCA (USA)
  • More clearances available. Contact us for more information.

Food contact approval

  • EU 10/2011
  • FDA (Specific chapters)
  • FDA (175.105)
  • FDA (175.300)
  • Swiss Ordinance A


Property Units Value
Dynamic viscosity mPa.s at 20ºC 5800
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