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Coatings Product Guide

Our Product Guide for Coatings gives an overview of our high performance, functional and environmentally friendly technologies that will help you to formulate smarter coatings. Our products support you in marketing differentiated, durable, tailored and sustainable solutions for coating applications that meeting the ever-evolving needs of demanding and environmentally conscious consumers.


Speciality Effects for Smarter Polymers - Our Product Guide for Plastics

Discover our polymer additives and bio-based building blocks that provide a variety of smart effects and benefits in a wide range of polymer types and applications!


Polymer Additives Global Product Guide

Croda is a leading supplier of speciality ingredients for the plastics industry. This guide provides an overview of the product offering from Croda Polymer Additives giving essential information for initial product selection.


Sustainable 100% Bio-based Surfactants

Our new ECO Range, adds over 50 ethoxylated surfactants to our portfolio of 100% bio-based emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersants, and multifunctional carrier fluids for liquid concentrates, by using bio-based ethylene oxide (EO) which we manufacture from biomass ethanol. Coupling the use of bio-based EO with the high proportion of renewable energy used at the manufacturing plant, leads to a significant reduction in carbon footprint for the ECO product range.

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