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Explore our sustainable solutions for your polymers, adhesives & coatings

Smart Materials is now part of Cargill and is a leading global supplier of polymer additives, bio-based building blocks and more!

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Well-known brands are now Cargill

Slip, static control, anti-scratch and anti-fog are just example of effects provided by the well-known polymer additives Incroslip, Ionphase, Atmer and IncroMax. The new name for our Crodamide additives is now Optislip; a name to stronger reflect its unique slip effect. At Cargill's polymer additives team we continue to focus on innovations to enhance the performance of polymer for demanding applications.

Flexibility, water resistance and durability are only a few of the benefits our bio-based building blocks bring to high performance coatings, adhesives and engineering polymers. Established brands like Priplast, Pripol and Priamine are now brought to market by Cargill.

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Cargill amide factory in Hull, England

Introducing our amide capacity expansion

Hull, England

 Cargill's capacity expansion project at our flagship amide production facility in England is now fully operational.

The production of additional amide volumes has started and our R&D teams have confirmed excellent product performance. Together with Cargill's excellent raw materials position this milestone will allow us to support our customers' growth ambitions now and for the future. 

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Polymer additives sustainability benefits across product life cycle

How can our polymer additives support your sustainability goals?

Our polymer additives offer sustainability benefits throughout the life cycle of our products and yours!

Watch the videos to find out more about how we can support you increasing bio-based content in your products:

  • maximising energy efficiency in your polymer processing
  • making thinner films
  • creating more durable polymers and
  • improving circularity

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Atmer 1440 anti-fogging additive now available as a 100% vegetable grade

This 100% bio-based, vegetable derived additive brings exceptional performance to LDPE and HDPE films, reducing hot and cold fogging and thereby maintaining the transparency of food packaging.
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Industry events around the globe

Where to find us

Visit the Cargill booth at exhibitions around the globe where our technical experts will be happy to tell you more about our speciality polymer additives and bio-based building blocks for challenging applications. We also hope that you will join our technical presentations at key industry conferences.

Let's create a sustainable future together!

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Offering you an intuitive and multi-filter design

Quickly find the products that suit your needs and order a sample. With a range of readily displayed technical, regulatory and application information, it is easy to compare each product and find the right solution.

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Spotlight on our current favourites

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Discover bio-based Crodamide ER

Our carbon negative slip additive for film applications
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Check out our 100% bio-based Priplast 3238

Discover more about its use in PU dispersions for textile coatings
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PET preform mix

Look into IncroMax 100

For easier processing of PET
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Have you heard about Ionphase trSTAT?

Explore our innovative, permanent anti-static additive, developed for transparent applications in PMMA
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