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Incroslip is a market leading range of innovative, high stability solutions delivering slip, torque release, mould release and anti-scratch benefits to polyolefins even in the most challenging applications. The Incroslip range are manufactured using proprietary processes to ensure the highest level of stability. They can be used in many applications where high stability, long-term performance and excellent customer experience is desired. Our range of high stability additives allows you to choose the best solution for your particular performance requirements.

The Incroslip range has been optimised to provide different combinations of slip and oxidative stability to suit different polyolefin application requirements. Products in this range can be added via masterbatch, during compounding or extrusion at levels between 0.1 and 1% depending on the application.

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Why are high stability slip additives needed?

Standard slip additives, such as erucamide, oleamide and behenamide are commonly used in many plastics applications, including packaging, automotive and high value plastics. These additives bring many benefits in processing and end-use, including high, fast or controlled slip, and anti-block.

However, some of these standard additives contain double bonds which cause the additive to be prone to oxidative breakdown, resulting in poor stability. Poor oxidative stability can lead to issues in the final part over time or when subjected to stressed conditions such as high temperature or prolonged exposure to UV light. These issues can include: loss of slip performance, odour/taste issues, colour changes and tackiness.

Why choose our high stability slip additives?

Our 100% bio-based high stability solutions deliver excellent performance and superior stability benefits in the most demanding applications.

Key performance benefits:

  • High and long lasting slip 
  • Low application and release torque
  • Scratch and scuff protection
  • Enhanced mold release properties

Key stability benefits:

  • High oxidative stability
  • Excellent organoleptic properties
  • Low visible bloom
  • Reduced tackiness

Watch this demonstration video

High stability slip

A demonstration of the stability of Incroslip SL vs a standard slip additive after exposure to UV light.

Incroslip the ultimate in high stability and performance

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Discover how our high stability torque release additives can reduce issues with taste and odour in sensitive applications.

Incroslip™ SL

Incroslip™ SL

A bio-based additive with exceptional slip and stability properties, that delivers long lasting high slip along with superior colour, oxidative stability and improved organoleptic properties.

Incroslip™ C (Bead)

Incroslip™ C (Bead)

A slip additive in bead form with exceptional stability and low odour properties. Designed for use in high organoleptic stability applications where torque release is needed.

Incroslip™ Q

Incroslip™ Q

A torque release agent for a range of beverage closures, with good oxidative stability. Incroslip is a specially developed, food approved slip additive range with exceptional stability and low odour.

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