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Multiple plastic film rolls

Optislip™ - the new name for Crodamide™

The Crodamide range is a well-known name in high performance and anti-blocking additives for polymers. It is known around the world for its wide range of friction control benefits, bio-based content and variety of physical forms. Since its move into Cargill, the Crodamide brand is required to undergo a simple name change, to become ...

Optislip™ - Optimized slip & anti-block performance

Whilst the name is changing, everything else remains the same.

  • Same range of products manufactured at the same locations
  • Same wide range of physical forms
  • Same high quality of performance in a range of polymer types 
A collection of plastic film roles in different colours

Optislip - Easier Processing & Handling of Polymers

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Vector of how Crodamide additives work

How do our slip additives work?

Our specialty slip additives are incorporated directly into the polymer during the extrusion process. Products can be added directly to the polymer at the processing stage, pre-compounded or included via masterbatch. They work by migrating to the surface as the polymer cools forming a solid lubricating layer at the surface. This acts to lower the friction or adhesion between contacting polymer surfaces and the polymer and other materials.
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Technical knowledge

We are world leaders in surface science and the application of additives into plastics, with over 30 years experience delivering first class technical support to our customers. Our global R&D teams have a long history of collaborating with customers to develop new solutions and innovations. Our knowledge of processes and additives ensure the most optimised solution and processing conditions are recommended. We have the ability to perform testing on behalf of customers in our state-of-the-art laboratories to help relieve the burden of approval and make NPD more efficient.

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Optislip™ BR (bead)

Optislip™ BR (bead)

An bio-based anti-blocking additive suitable for use in a range of polymers. Provides optimal anti-block and film clarity when used in combination with inorganic anti-blocking solutions

Optislip™ SRV (Bead)

Optislip™ SRV (Bead)

A bio-based refined steramide in bead form that provides anti-blocking performance to polyolefins and rubber at low temperatures.

Optislip™ EBO (Bead)

Optislip™ EBO (Bead)

A secondary bis amide providing a medium slip and anti-block effect in polyolefin polar copolymers. It is particularly useful as an anti-tack additive in EVA pellets and hotmelt adhesives.

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