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Syncroflex is a range of plasticisation additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of a polymer. This range includes both monomeric and polymeric plasticisers for a wide range of applications from low temperature environments to food contact. Our Syncroflex plasticisers can provide solutions for many demanding applications that require flexibility without compromise.

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Monomeric plasticisers

Monomeric plasticisers due to their small size, offer the benefits of increased physical and mechanical properties through rapid absorption and adsorption to the polymer surface. Our monomeric plasticisers are alternatives to traditional monomeric based plasticisers offering superior low temperature stability and, in some cases, having food contact approvals. Syncroflex 3019 for example has a much-improved brittle point which is ideal for applications that require low temperature stability like refrigerator seals.

Polymeric plasticisers

Polymeric plasticisers offer superior resistance to volatility, migration and weathering over time which is ideal for applications where long-term stability is needed.
When compared to a standard industry phthalate (DOP), our polymeric plasticisers have been shown to exhibit similar mechanical properties whilst improving volatility and extraction resistance.

The Syncroflex range includes polymeric plasticisers for use in food contact applications like gaskets and seals, coated fabrics, sports equipment, roofing membrane, electrical wiring and in automotive.

Where can Syncroflex plasticisers be used?

The Syncroflex range can be used in a wide range of polymer types. They are most suited for PVC applications, but also show benefits in synthetic rubbers, synthetic rubber derivatives, and other polar polymers such as ABS and polystyrene.

Plasticisation in PVC

In PVC, the short distances between molecules results in strong intermolecular forces, which cause PVC to be rigid at room temperature.
Plasticisers act by migrating between the PVC molecules preventing them from coming into close contact with each other, the resulting effect is that at room temperature the PVC remains soft and flexible.

Plasticisation in synthetic rubbers and derivatives

The Syncroflex range of plasticisers can also be used in synthetic rubbers and synthetic rubber derivatives. Syncroflex plasticisers offer significant benefits over traditional phthalate plasticisers, providing improvements in both mechanical and physical properties as well
as process improvements.  



Syncroflex™ 3019

Syncroflex™ 3019

A liquid monomeric plasticiser use to make the formulation softer, less brittle and more flexible.

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