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Anti-block additives

Our 100% bio-based anti-blocking additives offer an effective and sustainable way to reducing the problem of blocking in polymer films. Added at low addition levels they provide optimised blocking performance without impacting the clarity of the film.
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What is blocking in polymer films?

Blocking in polymer films describes the adhesion of two polymer surfaces to one another, resulting in difficulty in separately the films. Block is related to slip, however, slip involves the surfaces sliding over each other.

Anti-blocking additives reduce blocking at the surface of polymer films and other plastic articles to allow easier processing and handling. Traditional inorganic anti-blocking additives, such as silica or talc, work by reducing polymer to polymer contact and micro-roughening of the surface. Our organic additives reduce surface friction allowing easier separation of polymer surfaces.

Crodamide - Easier processing & handling of polymers

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Why use our anti-blocking additives?

Traditional, inorganic anti-blocks such as silica and talc can cause a reduction of clarity in transparent films. Our anti-blocking additives work best in combination with low levels of inorganic anti-block, which results in improved clarity, reduced blocking and easier separation of polymer films.

Key benefits of our anti-block additives

  • High film clarity
  • Low use levels
  • Slipping or non-slipping solutions
  • Synergy with inorganic anti-block additives


We offer many bio-based anti-blocking additives suitable for use in bio-based polymers.

Optislip™ BR (bead)

Optislip™ BR (bead)

An bio-based anti-blocking additive suitable for use in a range of polymers. Provides optimal anti-block and film clarity when used in combination with inorganic anti-blocking solutions

Optislip™ SRV (Bead)

Optislip™ SRV (Bead)

A bio-based refined steramide in bead form that provides anti-blocking performance to polyolefins and rubber at low temperatures.

Optislip™ EBO (Bead)

Optislip™ EBO (Bead)

A secondary bis amide providing a medium slip and anti-block effect in polyolefin polar copolymers. It is particularly useful as an anti-tack additive in EVA pellets and hotmelt adhesives.

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