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Croda advanced materials for dispersants

Particle dispersing agents

Whether for colour, structural reinforcement, or functional effect, proper dispersion of particles in formulated systems is essential. Croda has a long history of developing speciality dispersing agents to cater for a diverse range of particle types and solvents, in alignment with the evolving needs of formulators.

Graphic printing inks

Solution to enhance advanced particle technologies

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Dispersing agents for colour development

For coatings, and graphics inks, our versatile Zephrym dispersing agents wet out and disperse a wide scope of organic and inorganic pigments and fillers. With these specifically designed dispersing agents, it is possible to reduce energy consumption during pigment grinding and extend shelf life. Keeping the consumer and environment in mind, all are low or zero VOC.

The Zephrym range also includes options for dispersion of pigments and additives into plastics. These dispersing agents offer low volatility and migration in addition to ease of use.

Why choose polymeric dispersing agents for pigments?

Polymeric dispersants are added to pigment dispersions and particle slurries to improve the separation of particles, maximise loading, and to prevent settling and re-agglomeration. Our polymeric dispersants offer a high surface affinity, multiple anchoring points, excellent adsorption and a large steric barrier.

These benefits lead to:

  • faster dispersion
  • significant viscosity reduction
  • increased solids loading
  • superior stability
  • improved development of colour and functional effects.
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Dispersants for speciality inorganic particles

For ceramics, conductive inks/pastes and other advanced inorganic materials particle technologies, our Hypermer KD range makes use of steric, electrostatic and electrosteric mechanisms to stabilise particles in the most demanding applications. Suitable for use in solvents ranging from aqueous to non-polar.


For paints and coatings, inks, and liquid colour concentrates for plastics, our Zephrym range of pigment dispersants is the natural choice, including new 100% bio-based options.

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