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Group of people holding out plants in a circle to symbolise sustainability at Croda impacts everything that we do. Sustainable manufacturing, sourcing and innovation is important to Croda Personal Care.

Sustainability case studies

Our bio-based solutions help our customers meet their performance requirements and to formulate products that save on in-use carbon emissions.

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How do we know?

Our externally verified case studies show the sustainability and performance benefits offered by our products in a variety of real-life applications. They demonstrate the carbon dioxide (CO2) savings achievable by using our bio-based solutions, as well as which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals they are contributing to. All case studies present the CO2 savings taking into account the initial CO2 footprint our material has.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business

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We are serious about sustainability

Case studies are just one way that we show our customers and partners that we are serious about sustainability and our commitment to become Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. We also conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) on our products to determine their cradle to gate carbon emissions, produce up to 100% bio-based products and continuously work on new innovations that are assessed against our sustainability goals.

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How our polymer additives support your sustainability goals?

Find out more about the sustainability benefits that our additives can offer throughout the life cycle of our product and yours

IncroMax 100 sustainability case study

Discover how using IncroMax 100 in injection moulding of PET can enable you to achieve carbon savings.

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Crodamide sustainability case study

Find out how our slip additives can reduce the carbon impact of your polymer films by enabling them to be made thinner, reducing emissions as a result of producing and transporting the films.

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Priplast sustainability case study

How Priplast polyols support lightweight mobility design to improve fuel efficiency & reduce emissions.

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Maxemul sustainability case study

Sustainable water-borne coatings with Maxemul surfactants to reduce VOC emission levels.

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