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Pripol™ 1040
Perfect for high performance coating applications, Pripol 1040 is a trimer acid rich building block that offers excellent hydrophobicity and has good compatibility with other low-polarity materials. Pripol 1040 provides enhanced flexibility, even at low temperatures, which allows the product to deform under stress and prevents cracking of the coating.
Pripol 1040

Product details

Chemical name

  • Trimer acid


  • Pripol

Features and benefits

  • Good flexibility, preventing cracking and can be used with flexible substrates
  • Allows exposure to high humid environments
  • Excellent sealant and protective properties
  • Good pigment wetting allowing a high loading of pigment/fillers


  • Industrial & protective coatings

Product chemistry

  • Building blocks - Diacid and Triacid

Functions & effects

  • Flexibility
  • Hydrophobicity

Your system

  • Polymeric - Polyamide
  • Polymeric - Polyesters

Renewable carbon content

  • 100%

Physical form

  • Liquid

Regulatory clearances

  • IECSC (China)
  • REACH (European Union)
  • ENCS (Japan)
  • KECI (Korea)
  • TSCA (USA)
  • More clearances available. Contact us for more information.

Food contact approval

  • FDA (Specific chapters)
  • FDA (175.105)
  • FDA (175.300)
  • Swiss Ordinance B
  • Explicit Directions. Contact us for more information


Property Units Value
Acid value mgKOH/g 189
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